Thursday, November 01, 2007


P/s: Reject = turn down,

snub, discard, throw out, repulse,

or do not accept the existence of someone and something in life

I have been working hard for the last two years

And the most important proposal of mine has been rejected

By my fierce looking kind-hearted editor.

I’d love to see her gets angry

As her growl is a smile, as her yell is a laugh.

She thought she has let me down, she felt sorry for that.

But I just turn back and walked slowly out of her Red room.

Though my face shows a smile, my heart still break into pieces

As this proposal is important, rejection is the end of everything

And rejection means I have to start all over again

Or I just can resign and work with another editor.


Sunday 7, 2007

A day after being rejected

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