Saturday, April 26, 2008

otak serambut

otak serabut
minda kusut
rambut serabut
badan tak susut.

otak macam kasut
penuh dengan selut
sampai jadi kalut
tersemput semput.

p/s: tahniah kpd yg dpt jwb PTE dgn baek..
aku bukan di dalam golongan tersebut.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The past is deep

Like a pin dropped in a glass of water
Will be remembered if it is floating
Will be forgotten if it is sinking
(Can a pin sink in a glass of water?)

The past is deep, let’s forget the lesson
That we’ve learned through
As it has no more benefit, as
We can gain no more profit.
The past is deep
And deepen by diggers.

If the lesson worth even a penny
I will never sell it
If the lesson worthless
I will never buy it

This lesson has no price to bargain
This lesson requires effort and (a bit of) luck.

April 22, 2008


Aku seorang penipu yang sukar menipu
Aku hanya mampu meniup angin penipuan
Ke segenap pelusuk badan dan jiwa sang tertipu
Ditipu penipu menyebabkan aku tertipu
Lalu aku menipu sang penipu agar mereka ditipu.

Aku seorang penipu
Menggariskan undang-undang penipuan
Agar nasib penipu tertipu terbela
Agar nasib ditipu penipu terjaga

Penipu seperti aku hanya pandai menipu
Namun jangan cuba menipu penipu seperti aku
Kerana aku seorang penipu yang sukar ditipu dan tertipu

Tipulah jika aku bukan seorang penipu yang mudah tertipu
Tipulah jika aku tiada upaya menipu sang penipu mudah tertipu

Tipulah segala penipu, kerana di atas sana
Dia tidak akan tertipu dengan sekalian penipu.

22 April 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

penjara katil

aku dipenjara tanpa ada pertuduhan dibacakan
aku dipenjara tanpa ada sebarang siasatan
aku dipenjara tanpa sebarang penganiayaan

aku benci penjara katil
kerana baunya bisa menggeletek anak tekakku
kerana makannya bisa memusnahkan seleraku
aku benci berada di penjara katil
jika aku terlantar sekalipun
aku tidak akan lama di sana
biarkan aku diam di teratak usangku
daripada terkurung di penjara katil.

aku benci penjara katil
rimasnya membuatkan aku terkapai-kapai
mencari udara bersih
sesaknya membuatkan aku kelemasan
dan senak
aku benci penjara katil
bikin waras aku hilang
bagai ditiup angin lalu
melayang bak bunga lalang

aku benci penjara katil
keluarkan aku!

April 15,2008
Shah Alam

Monday, April 14, 2008

Produk Pendidikan | Funmix

How to play

· Place flat the board and place the sets of ‘Task Master’ and ‘Red Zone’ on the right position, upside down them.
· Each player takes a token to represent him / her throughout this game. Player must remember which token is representing him / her. This is to avoid any conflict during the game.


· The turns of the players are determined by the rolling of the two dices. The player with the highest total starts the play.
· Each player starts off the board at space 1. The number of steps taken for every round is determined by the sum of number indicated by the two dices.
· The moderator will pick up a card from the Task Master for every round unless the player’s token stops on ‘X’ sign and Red Zone (Unnumbered red circle). Each player is required to complete the task written on the card.
· The moderator will pick up a red card if the player’s token lands on the Red Zone. Then, he or she is required to do the given task.
· One thing to remember is that the game must also be based on the reward/punishment stated for every category of tasks.
· If the token stops on ‘X’ sign, he or she will lose one round. In this case, he or she does not have to pick any card.
· If any player’s token stops on an already occupied space, the previous token on the space must go back to the starting point (Circle No.1).
· The winner is the first player to end a turn on or beyond space 100.

Red Zone
· Type of task: Fun Brain
· Description: Students are asked to guess missing words. Options are given.
· Reward / Punishment:
Correct Answer: Get one extra round
Wrong Answer: Lose one round

Task Master

A collection of tasks which is set for students. Each player has to pick up a card for every round unless his or her token steps on the ‘X’ sign or Red Zone.

· Correct Answer: Move 3 steps forward

· Wrong Answer: Move 3 steps backward

Task Master
· Type of Task: Spell it out
· Description: Students are required to spell out and pronounce the word written on the card.

Task Master

· Type of task: Odd one out
· Description: A list of words is given which have something in common. Students will be asked to find the odd-one-out among those words written on the card.

Task Master

· Type of task: Grammar ’O’ Grammar
· Description: Students will be given a complete sentence on the card. They are asked to identify the verb in the sentence.

Deciding The Winner

· The player who first arrives the winning point will win the game.
· The winner is the first player to end a turn on or beyond space 100.
Interested? contact us:

Diari Hari ini | Lawatan 5S

venue: Stesen Janaleketrik Jambatan Connaught Klang
date: April 14, 2008

Organized by Cemara-Akasia & Cendana Residential College's Office, this visit to SJJC is meant to give a vivid exposure to the staff, Residence Staff and Students' Representive Committee (JPK) regarding the implementation of 5S programme. Arrived at about 9.45am, the delegates were given a slide show presentation and brief explanation on how 5S porgramme is implemented in SJJC. Lasted for approximatley an hour, the presentation was done by SJJC 5S coordinator. Even though she was just appointed last year, she was able to give a very good explanation on how 5S changed the environment in SJJC. Besides that, she mentioned that the latest achievement of SJJC is their 5S programme has been approved by NPC last year and from now on, they have to maintain their 5S status or the NPC's approval might be cancelled.

After that, the delegates were given a short break and SJJC provided us with fried mee hoon and hot tea for us before we move on. Before moving on, the delegates took the opportunity to capture some pictures at the lobby. the delegates also took some pictures of the 5S Corner at the lobby. Next, the 5S Coordinator brought us to look inside the office. there, we can see how 5S affecting the environment at the office. Files and papers are well arranged and organized. office utilities are all labelled (even in the toilet, the taps are labelled!) We also went inside SJJC Meeting Room (Bilik Mesyuarat Damai; how irony the name is) and we were thinking of upgrading our JPK's operation and meeting room sooner or later.

Later, we were brought to the Main Store where all of the spare parts were kept safe. there, we can see how 5S has changed the inner and outer look of the store. normally, store is a messed up place, but here under the supervision of 5S cordinator together with the Zone Leader, store is no longer ordinary store. here, the store itself looked very tidy and well organized. perhaps, this can be implemented in our college later.

Spending about 20 minutes there, we ended our trip to SJJC. A few pictures were taken in front of the Administration office together with our guide (the 5S Coodinator just now). we were glad that we have taken this once in a blue moon's opportunity to look on how other organization implement the 5S programme. Insya Allah, we will try our best to improve our 5S programme and implement what we have learned from SJJC 5S programme.

at about 12 noon, we left SJJC with slight tears (as we were not as sad as leaving Singapore last term...huhu). Thank you to Mr Rani for inviting JPKC and Cendana Staff and Residence Staff as well to participate in this meaningful trip.

Thank you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

siapa paling sengal.... MESTI BACA

Di sebuah kg ada 3 org remaja yg suka lepak. Sorang tu nama dia Ali, sorang tu Budin dan sorang lagi Ciko. Aktiviti seharian depa ni menybbkan tok imam x senang duduk. Pd satu hari tok imam tu dtg dg niat nak tarbiyah depa ni. Maka berlakulah bbrp insiden cabar-mencabar. Tok imam tu cabar si mangkuk 3 ekor tu ke surau waktu Maghrib nnt. Si Ali pun berkata, "Tok imam ingat kami ni jahil sangat ke? Takpa, nnt kami buktikan yg kami bkn la jahil sgt spt yg disangkakan" . Maka apb hampir masuk waktu Maghrib pegilah malaun 3 ekor tu ke surau. Tok imam pun suruh Ali azan. Tanpa berlengah terus je Ali azan, "Allah Ta'ala... Allah Ta'ala..." Dgn segera tok imam merampas mikrofon drp Ali & menyuruh tok bilal azan semula. Terselah kejahilan Ali. Selepas iqamat, masa nak sembahyang tok imam pun mengangkat takbiratul ihram. Tok imam pun satu hal, angkat sekali x khusyuk, angkat 2x pun x khusyuk jgk lg.. Masuk je kali ketiga, Budin panggil tok imam. "Tok,tok duduk kat belakang, biar saya jadi imam."Tok imam pun undur le ke belakang. Budin pun angkat le takbiratul ihram. "Allahu akbar!" Maka para makmum pun ikut angkat takbiratul ihram & memulakan solat. Tiba2 je si Budin ni pusing ke belakang dan berkata, "Aa, tengok! Sekali jee tokkkk!!" Lalu batallah solat Budin. Yg lain2 pun ikut berenti sambil ketawa terbhk2. Tok imam pun mintak pulak si Ciko jadi imam. Si Ciko pun terus ke depan jadi imam solat tersebut bermula dari takbir sampai le habis sembahyang. Siap dg wirid2nya sekali. Punyalah respek tok imam kat si Ciko niii... Lepas solat, tok imam pun puji-memuji leee si Ciko ni... Tapi dgn bongkaknye si Ciko berkata, "He hee, itu belum ambil wuduk lagi tu.Kalau tak, lagi dassat aku semayang. He heee..." Tok imam pun terkedu & terpana...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

tinta menari | in search for (nothing)

if we're late, we'll be left by TIME. he'll pass by without looking back at us. once we're left, there's no other TIME can wait for us. and now, the time has come. but it's not for us to blame each other. it's the time for us to reflect on what we've done in the past few years. whether we realize about it or not, we have to understand a fact that we are a normal human being. we cant run from any mistakes. but, people cant run from blaming others either. we expect something BIG is going to happen. we are expecting things by doing nothing. at the end of the day, even though we dont really realize about it, we have to admit that sometimes we do need some changes. and changes require time. it doesnt happen in a wink of an eye.. (even rome wasnt built in one day~)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tika dan saat ini

Tika dan saat ini
aku mati
lalu aku bangkit
menjadi diri sendiri
buat kedua kali.

hari matahari