Monday, May 31, 2010

photo_lock| sepetang di Taiping


he is waiting for a passer-by.
to stop and take a look.
and to grab and to choose,
and to open the purse
and to buy something from him.
he is waiting for a passer-by.
who lives somewhere in his heart.


detik berlalu tangisan awan
menyapa pipi tuamu.
detik berlalu dan tibalah rakanmu
membawa cerita yang seribu.
tik..tok..tik tok..
siaplah jam kamu, sahabatku.

cuti...towards the end of it

the path is slightly covered with the blanket of curiosity
even though I am wearing the shirt of simplicity,
and walk with the power of democracy.
perhaps the torch I am holding won't backfire me
who might be lost in the world of difficulty.

31 May 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

photo_lock | kembara machang II

"tuan rumah"
rombongan meminang pokwe...

the day after we came back from Perhentian Island, the last remaining lights of c3 went to Pokwe's house at Machang. The event there; (i) tangkap ikan keli (ii) panggang keli (iii) makan2 (iv) pokwe's surprise birthday party ^^; we're as happening as usual. Pokwe's mother is very supportinga and understand the 'hap-pening' that we brought to the house. Even though not all came (of course, if all came baik wat kenduri je...), we managed to eat all the Keli that we caught that day.

thank you, haji hensem. you are Handsome.huhu...and to all c3, we are the c3. no other numbers can beat us.

Kembara Machang II | viii May mmx

Sunday, May 16, 2010


selamat hari ibu ^^ the picture above says: " saya sayang mak saya "

Monday, May 10, 2010

photo_lock | Hula huu Perhentian~~

thanx to anur [unNO photography] for allowing my pictures to be captured using her Canon Powershot SX120 IS.

the very 1st day we arrived there, we went for snorkeling at about 2.30 pm. served with a good lunch before that, our singing stomach were packed with food. luckily we have our safety jacket that can float in the water. if not, for sure all of us can't swim because the lunch has not yet been processed. All of us were delighted as we're able to see the corals, and fish(es). with a small piece of bread in our hand, we can easily attract fish to come to us. witnessing fish eating in front of our very own eyes is a wonderful experience. all this while, we can see fish in the aquarium or on our dining table. but on that day, we saw living fish swimming in the sea :) woot~woot~

dapat nampak NEMO!!! ahahahahah...there are 2 types of Nemo fish that can be found; black n orange (dark yellow). kelantanese says; "puah ati ambo dapat kelih nemo.."

Saturday, May 08, 2010


hula-huu di perhentian. rasa mcm nk pegi lagi dan lagi. tapi tak tau la biler la kan.

Snorkeling is our main event there and I am delighted. I can see the beautiful corals in the sea, some of them sit still while there are other corals that wave their 'hands' to me. Subhanallah...No wonder Allah is Great! he has created a beautiful, wonderful and enormous 'carpet' in the sea. Nasib baik la tak ada yang bwk kamera waterproof..kalau tak, for sure ramai yang capture the photos of the corals. Nak kutip corals kt beach pun rasa tak sampai hati...hopefully, the island will be as this beautiful (and even more) if I come here again some other time. oh, btw, more pictures are about to come!hihihihi.....

perhentian island[17pax]5-7may2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

"Dad in Hospital"

hospital batu gajah|Perak
Admitted: Friday, 30th April 2010
Discharged: Sunday, 2nd May 2010

I planned to go back and send some of my belongings in a week. But, after receiving a call from my mother mentioning about the condition of my dad, I decided to go home. Luckily my 2nd brother was able to go home, so he was there a few hours earlier than me. My eldest brother was working off shore, so he's unable to get home. My sister was preparing for her exam, so my mom didn't allow her to come back. It's long as the condition was not that serious.

In a few weeks time, 'cucu' will be back. I'm hoping that my dad is getting better and better, day by day.

"Love your parents, before it's too late to do so..."