Sunday, October 29, 2006

And now

Oh my,
Life is not as beautiful as before.
As friends come and go,
Without noticing me
who is just a bystander.

Oh my,
Life is harder than before,
As friends are no longer friends,
Because enemies are conquering ‘em.
Because enemies are conquering ‘em.

Oh my,
Lord only the one who understand
Coz he is the only One,
He means no harm
If he’s testing me
As I’m a slave
Throughout my whole life
And I’ll serve to Him
And I’ll obey Him
As I’m His.

October 1, 2006

A friend and a friend

If I could be a friend,why don’t you try be one?
I’ve tried my best to be your friend,
But it ends up with the kind I hate most.

As I’m not charming
As I’m not gorgeous,
As I’m not someone cheerful,
As now I’ve lost my smiles.
So, I can’t be your friend anymore?

I asked myself from dusk till dawn
What the hell I’ve done to you?
Yes, of course that you’ll say that
I’m emotional,
I’m bad-tempered.
Am I?

I laugh to the trees,
I talk to the stones,
Seems better than talking to you.
You feel like you know me,
But sincerely,
I have to tell you,
Get out from my life,
I don’t need you anymore
Why, you don’t understand me
As you never try to be one.

I understand you
Now I’m tired of doing it
Now, it ends up the way I hate most

Sunday, October 1st 2006


We are still friends
But are we?
You lie to me,
You betray my trust,
I’m being loyal to you,
But you remain unfaithful.

As it’s a lie
You don’t need to tell.
As it’s a lie,
No point to justify.

We are still friends,
But not like before

October 09, 2006

What am I supposed to do?

Now, I’m miles away from you,
surrounded by the eyes of Hidatsa.
I feel scared and lonely,
I feel like I’m not meant to be here.

If I send a letter to you every hour,
I know it’s not enough for both of us
As through letters you only can see
the plain and motionless side of me.
As through letters I only can say, ‘Hi!’
and ends it with a ‘bye!’

Without knowing how well you are,
Without seeing through your silky eyes
I admit that I really miss you
I admit that I really want you to be here
as much as you need me there.

But, as I’m miles away from you,
I hope we are ready for meeting up,
Rather than playing hide-and-seek.

October 2, 2006