Thursday, November 01, 2007

My word



I’ve made my promise

I’ll let her go on with her life.

I don’t really understand

what is happening to us

Maybe we’re avoiding each other

Or it just that we’ve no chance

To put our eyes together

If I’m up here, you’ll be down there

If you’re inside here, I’ll be outside there.



she might have made

The same promise too (for me)

When I see her with her man

I’d rather be delighted

Instead of being frustrated

Though face can lie

Though eyes can pretend

But sorry, my sacred heart can’t



both of us know

We’re not meant for each other

So, I let go off my heart

With flow of blood it makes way

And my dam broke into pieces

Pouring down water in silence

TEC 2, UiTM Sec 17

Sept 28, 2007

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