Saturday, December 03, 2005

a night to remember

it's a stupid discussion
in a night to remember
(fine if you have forgotten),
my words' sweet
my soul's exposed
my heart winced
my mind's wedged
unable to control my lips
I began to speak
unclearly and softly.

it's a night to remember
as it's a night for us
expressing the sensation
ignoring the numbness
and anything and anybody
and else.

fine if you have forgotten
it's not that important
to remember this night
if you don't remember
we don't need to fight
to prove who is right.

I began to speak
softly and unclearly
to admit
I'm damn guilty.

1 comment:

banat best said...

erm...maktab student?i'm pismp studnt from a mktb in peninsular msia..haha~ sumwhere.neway, i find that dis blog is unique n awsome.. look like jiwang2 sket but still got sumthing 2 share 4 life.. neway,really impressed wif dis words---->"andai aku adalah awan aku harap kau adalah lautan kerana aku ingin disatukan dan turun menjadi hujan" pnah dgr jek...uhu~