Sunday, December 11, 2005

the bystander II

The bystander
leans to the wall of hearts,
thinking of The Sweet Little Lady
he met years ago.
The girl never talks by lips,
But he always believe
they’re talking and listening
by heart.
(now, he’s smiling but,
his smile isn’t returned)

The bystander
took an immediate move,
made a confession of love
with a glimmer of hope
it would be reciprocated.
(and yes, it is accepted!)

The bystander,
thrilled and extremely delighted
now and every single time,
he’s glittered with happiness.

Day by day,
week by week,
they’re sailing smoothly
on the Titanic of Love,
through the sea of Passion.
But months after
the confession was made,
The Sweet Little Lady
left the bystander alone
with reasons of
mind-boggling complexity.

The bystander,
astonished and stunned,
surprised and traumatized,
and totally upset
as it’s the most shocking moment
he ever had in his life.

The bystander now,
sits facing a fireplace,
watching his heart
slowly kindled.

9th Dec 2005

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