Monday, February 01, 2010

gerko: ppsimp bi

pas cancel secara al-tiba-tiba aje seminar on SPSS tuh, ak pun pegi la tengok2 gerko ppismp bi sem 2. saje menyemakkan diri menayang muka. tu pun sebab mr.muhaimi ajak.kalau x, aku redah je masuk suka2 hati. jeles gak la sbb diorang ada gerko kan :-D tho it's just an English Language Society, it's a good exposure to them as they can see how our lecturers conduct an activity. at least, the students will have a better picture on how to manage a large number of students in one time, under one roof. Kudos to Mdm Tan and Miss Rohaida as well as other Language Dept Lecturers for being able to conduct their gerko activity for this sem. the followings are a few snapshots from their activity which was held at the brand new recently upgraded Dewan Gerko: ~::27012010|Wednesday::~


nadiahs said...

bilik ni kat ne?
apsal cm tk penah jejak kaki kat cni?
abg wan jd pemerhati ke?

the Haz-one said...

alamak.duk mktb tp x tau ktne?ayyo..~~

ash said...

update my new blog link plz :)