Tuesday, September 23, 2008

am I going to be a Bapak Itik??

no...not bapak Ayam
Damn it!!

haha...life has changed in a blink of an eye~
do hope that i can help the team a lot.
MightyDucks (or, whatever the name is...) here I come!

thor will return with no new things
just me, accompanied by a stick and two balls..haha (irony,eh?)

p/s: i aint a star.not even a prospect 4 da future. i juz wanna help, as much as i can...


Noni Kapet said...

you'll love it don't worry. we have been going around the circles trying to revive the hockey team and the game in koleq - if you do fit the bill, we can consider we've done our job by 2010.

just put up with us. when you spend time with people 10 years older, it might feel different. just treat it as a learning journey.

i will welcome you officially to the group after raya. don't worry we are quite nice people.

so long you love the kids the way we do.

h+A>z(w)=@xN said...

insyaAllah..no hal,bro..

::rain or shine::

Mohd Zulhilmi said...

wah..thor..hebat..aku pun nak join jugak..haha

ngom said...

cayalah ngomthor!