Sunday, June 05, 2005

~SM Methodist needs urgent repairs

SUNGAI SIPUT: SM Methodist here may be among the top three schools in the state but its facilities are in a deplorable state.
Parts of the 75-year-old school, the first English school here, need urgent repairs while furniture in the classrooms and teachers’ rooms have to be refurbished.
School principal Lee Hah said there are not enough classrooms for the single-session school's 728 students.
There are 22 classrooms but students in four classes have no permanent classrooms, he said.
“We need a new block to cater to the increasing number of students,” he told Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who visited the school recently.
“There is also a need to replace the computer laboratory, library, mathematics room and teachers’ room,” he added.
Lee said he hoped the Education Ministry would look into allocating funds to upgrade the school’s facilities.
“The school deserves to be given an allocation based on our good record in the UPSR and the SPM examinations,” he said.
He said SM Methodist was among the top three schools in the state, after the Malay College and SM Raja Perempuan Kalsom in Kuala Kangsar.
Samy Vellu pledged to help raise some RM500,000 needed for repairs.
“It is difficult to get an allocation from the Government as the school needs a lot of repairs.
“I will try get some of my friends to donate to the school so that urgent repairs like the chemistry laboratory, ceiling, roofing and toilets can be carried out as soon as possible,” he added.
The Star
Tuesday May 24, 2005

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