Saturday, October 08, 2011

Thursday; Thirst day...

 it's a glorious morning yet peaceful at sm agama al-khairiah... 
3rd day. Science Paper 1 & 2 were answered by students. 
Even though they have less facilities, no proper science labs, no apparatus to conduct experiment, I can see them shining while answering the questions...
S: "cikgu..nak jawab ni dalam bahasa melayu ke, bahasa inggeris?"
J: "Jawab dalam dua-dua bahasa pun boleh. Jangan tak jawab, sudah..."
As usual, during the break, the school provided us with refreshments. from the very 1st day we're served with food. good food to be exact. in our 3rd day at SMAKS, we're served with white rice and Tom Yam (as early as 10.40 am)...hahah. terbaek wookk!
Ketua Pengawas. writing something on the answer sheet. not because he's taking the exam. but, he is required to write something to inform that the student is MIA.

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