Monday, July 11, 2011

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Teluk Gorek | 10 Julai 2011

mohsen: wan...tolong amek gambar ni wan..nnt ko tag aku kat fb k.
aku: ok...ko nak tulis apa atas pasir ni?
mohsen: ada la....

so, Mohsen decided to carve the beach by writing...
"Ayah [love] Ibu & Balqis"

so sweet la u, bro..
baru sebulan jadi ayah! yeah!!!

* * *

let her play on her own :) I was walking down the beach. heading to our campsite and saw this sweet lil girl playing on her own. she didn't care about her surroundings, the weather, the sea breeze...all that can make her focus is that bottle with sands inside it. she is trying her best to take all the sands out from the sweet la, adik!
* * *

before the photoshoot session :P


pictures by: Thorempire

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