Monday, August 02, 2010

photo_lock | The Wakomo

'gerai' Wakomo |R&R Pagoh (S)|18 Julai 2010

well, im nt good in describing how good food is. But, I can just show you how delicious the foods are :) the pictures taken a day before I registered at SMKA Segamat. Alhamdulillah, after a few weeks of being here, I feel comfortable. It's not easy to stay far from our family and parents. But, I took it as a challenge for me. This year, I will be away from them (my parents), but I am sure (pretty damn sure) that someday somehow I will be back teaching at my hometown, making my parents proud of me - even though they might not be working anymore at that time.

ooppss...mcm bukan citer pasal makan jer :P

well3..makanan kt cni mmg sedap. terutamanya Soto, Lontong dan Mee Rebus diew..hak3..

one@rtz|2010.hakcipta gua ni.

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