Monday, May 17, 2010

photo_lock | kembara machang II

"tuan rumah"
rombongan meminang pokwe...

the day after we came back from Perhentian Island, the last remaining lights of c3 went to Pokwe's house at Machang. The event there; (i) tangkap ikan keli (ii) panggang keli (iii) makan2 (iv) pokwe's surprise birthday party ^^; we're as happening as usual. Pokwe's mother is very supportinga and understand the 'hap-pening' that we brought to the house. Even though not all came (of course, if all came baik wat kenduri je...), we managed to eat all the Keli that we caught that day.

thank you, haji hensem. you are Handsome.huhu...and to all c3, we are the c3. no other numbers can beat us.

Kembara Machang II | viii May mmx

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