Saturday, May 08, 2010


hula-huu di perhentian. rasa mcm nk pegi lagi dan lagi. tapi tak tau la biler la kan.

Snorkeling is our main event there and I am delighted. I can see the beautiful corals in the sea, some of them sit still while there are other corals that wave their 'hands' to me. Subhanallah...No wonder Allah is Great! he has created a beautiful, wonderful and enormous 'carpet' in the sea. Nasib baik la tak ada yang bwk kamera waterproof..kalau tak, for sure ramai yang capture the photos of the corals. Nak kutip corals kt beach pun rasa tak sampai hati...hopefully, the island will be as this beautiful (and even more) if I come here again some other time. oh, btw, more pictures are about to come!hihihihi.....

perhentian island[17pax]5-7may2010

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