Monday, April 14, 2008

Produk Pendidikan | Funmix

How to play

· Place flat the board and place the sets of ‘Task Master’ and ‘Red Zone’ on the right position, upside down them.
· Each player takes a token to represent him / her throughout this game. Player must remember which token is representing him / her. This is to avoid any conflict during the game.


· The turns of the players are determined by the rolling of the two dices. The player with the highest total starts the play.
· Each player starts off the board at space 1. The number of steps taken for every round is determined by the sum of number indicated by the two dices.
· The moderator will pick up a card from the Task Master for every round unless the player’s token stops on ‘X’ sign and Red Zone (Unnumbered red circle). Each player is required to complete the task written on the card.
· The moderator will pick up a red card if the player’s token lands on the Red Zone. Then, he or she is required to do the given task.
· One thing to remember is that the game must also be based on the reward/punishment stated for every category of tasks.
· If the token stops on ‘X’ sign, he or she will lose one round. In this case, he or she does not have to pick any card.
· If any player’s token stops on an already occupied space, the previous token on the space must go back to the starting point (Circle No.1).
· The winner is the first player to end a turn on or beyond space 100.

Red Zone
· Type of task: Fun Brain
· Description: Students are asked to guess missing words. Options are given.
· Reward / Punishment:
Correct Answer: Get one extra round
Wrong Answer: Lose one round

Task Master

A collection of tasks which is set for students. Each player has to pick up a card for every round unless his or her token steps on the ‘X’ sign or Red Zone.

· Correct Answer: Move 3 steps forward

· Wrong Answer: Move 3 steps backward

Task Master
· Type of Task: Spell it out
· Description: Students are required to spell out and pronounce the word written on the card.

Task Master

· Type of task: Odd one out
· Description: A list of words is given which have something in common. Students will be asked to find the odd-one-out among those words written on the card.

Task Master

· Type of task: Grammar ’O’ Grammar
· Description: Students will be given a complete sentence on the card. They are asked to identify the verb in the sentence.

Deciding The Winner

· The player who first arrives the winning point will win the game.
· The winner is the first player to end a turn on or beyond space 100.
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