Sunday, October 29, 2006

A friend and a friend

If I could be a friend,why don’t you try be one?
I’ve tried my best to be your friend,
But it ends up with the kind I hate most.

As I’m not charming
As I’m not gorgeous,
As I’m not someone cheerful,
As now I’ve lost my smiles.
So, I can’t be your friend anymore?

I asked myself from dusk till dawn
What the hell I’ve done to you?
Yes, of course that you’ll say that
I’m emotional,
I’m bad-tempered.
Am I?

I laugh to the trees,
I talk to the stones,
Seems better than talking to you.
You feel like you know me,
But sincerely,
I have to tell you,
Get out from my life,
I don’t need you anymore
Why, you don’t understand me
As you never try to be one.

I understand you
Now I’m tired of doing it
Now, it ends up the way I hate most

Sunday, October 1st 2006

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