Tuesday, September 06, 2005

persembahan dari + Surga +

"welcome to you my special guests.."

my friends and I, we've just finished performing 'dikir barat' to a group of lecturers from University of Hadfordshire,UK. they arrived here at about 9a.m and they're here to visit our college and to observe the PISMP Mathematics and Science students. What I heard was, the PISMP students will be linked to this university! urghh!!how can? we're the entertainer, but the PISMP students will get this kinda oppurtunity?duhh...but, all of us didn't care much on that. We're delighted as the foreigners are stunned with our perfomance. we served them with 3 songs, they are; Welcome to You, Oh Carol, and Wind of Change. wait! there's another song...it's 'ambo raso berkene.' it's a modern dikir barat song and it is sung in Kelantanese dialect. even though the lecturers understand nothing, but we're happy when they gave us a big applause! clap!clap!clap! huhu ^_^;

~Special thanks to Po'we, Suluq, Heikal, Shuk, Qlah and Hikam for their support and commitment to make the performance a success..

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