Thursday, July 28, 2005

+ dari sahabat buat sahabat +

hmm...member aku yg paling best, ^pengembara^ telah selamat merasmikan blognya. if i'm not mistaken, the address is he has the spirit, so i really hope that he will success in this new field. being a writer is not as easy as we all thought. we need to create our own style, if not, we will never have our own readers. in order to be a good writer, of course, we should have to read a lot. reading is not meant only for academic purpose, we also should read to improve our knowledge because in this so-called borderless world, -mawi?World?- we should be a knowledgeble person. for instance, how many of us (or our friends) know the meaning of AP (Approved Permit) and what it is meant for? or do we know what actually happen between (Datuk Seri)Rafidah and (Tun Dr) Mahathir? huh...

"the grill is far from the fire.."
"it's a literal translation of malay proverb; jauh panggang dari api"
"You MALAY people...should know better!!"

well, it's just a part of the Drama that will be staged up in a few weeks. Dude! the carnival is approaching and i can still see that some of us still don't know what they're going to do. Hush! i should tell them and make them realize that this is a serious matter. students all over the country will come and stay here for a week (at least 5 days...) but, some of them seem 'main-main aja'...Duhhh...


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