Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Merdeka 55 @ Segamat

Bringing students of F2, F4 and F5 to Segamat District Merdeka Day Celebration at Padang SJKC Li Chi, Segamat. Our 100+ students were required to march while holding red and yellow coloured flag. We were there starting from 7.30 am and the ceremony ended aroun 12 noon. Luckily, it was Friday. If the celebration falls on Saturday, we might be spending more time there.

 The flag barriers (yellow team)
 The Red team
 The Kesatria UiTM Brass Band performing their show
 Choir team - represented by the Segamat Nursing College trainees
Kiddies on Bikes! :)

Undoubtedly, we are proud of who we are.
We are proud to be Malaysian. We will always make Malaysia proud of us. 

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