Tuesday, June 23, 2009

warnawarni | kelantan


i'm back to Kelantan. specifically, Pengkalan Chepa :-) i feel good to be back here. i really miss the food (of course!), the scenery, the weather, the ipkb (now, it is ipgm kampus kota bharu) and everything that ive left for almost 2 years. i've been planning to buy a lot of things, but still i have to wait for my allowance.hoho...me n my colleagues are being locked up in an air-conditioned cell called the SAC room for 3 blissfull weeks before being allowed to spread the knowledge and build the nation in the schools nearby kota bharu. i will begin my practicum at SMK Tanjung Mas, nearby Taman Uda Murni. I went to the school yesterday (actually, i only praked my ex5 in front of the gate to peek what & how the school 'functions'. haha..mcm jebon plak). Alhamdulillah, all my friends are being posted in Kota Bharu district and perhaps the supervisor will have more chances to provide us with surprises.


InsyaAllah, no more B.I.G :-P
BTN will be conducted as always.
just wait and see~


  • terima kasih kepada semua. especially to my c2 seniors. your direct n indirect education has taught me a lot.
  • thank you to faculty of education, UiTM sec.17 campus for allowing us to get to know what tertiary level education is all about. under the supervision of Mdm Norsi as our coordinator, we got a lot of new things and learned new cultures. uitm has taught us a lot. so do ipkb. and now, ipkb n the language dept lecturers will have to 'teach' us back on how to be a TEACHER. no more hard luck! the real time has come~

**the pictures of Masjid Sultan Ismail Petra, Kubang Kerian & Kota Bharu Bus Terminal were captured by the blogger.


ash said...

all the best with ur practicum and AE. work hard, jgn main2 lagi tau! try to get into 1st class hons, u can do it!

gonna miss u a lot. truly.

h+A>z(w)=@xN said...


life's being great here :-)

kl de pape nnt, nk mntk tlg sket..esp pasal AE