Friday, May 01, 2009

Pendidik Bestari :-P

I've read through the Pendidik Bestari 2009 (a government diary for Teachers in Perak) & I found some of the names that I've known during my school years. There are no longer in koleq, some of them are now working at PPD and some even being 'upgraded' to Kementerian Pelajaran :-) congratz to the following teachers :

1. En. Ahmad Khalid b Anjang Kassim
currently a Penyelia Penilaian dan Peperiksaan, PPD Kuala Kangsar
2. En. Ejazi b Yahya
currently a Pegawai Khas Ko-kurikulum, PPD Kuala Kangsar
3. En. Said b Manap
currently a Pegawai Pelajaran Daerah, Kinta Utara
4. En. Ahmad Badri b Abdul Manap
currently a Teacher at STAR, Ipoh
5. En. Shamsuddin b Mustapha
currently a Malaysian Prisons' Department Academic Sector head
6. Ayahanda Dato Hj Alimuddin b Mohd Dom (MCKK Principal 1999-2003)
currently a Ketua Pengarah Pelajaran Malaysia, KPM

I'm proud to be one of their students.
I'm delighted to know them beforehand.
I'm happy to know they are being promoted.
I know they will always be dedicated.
even though all of you might have forgotten me,
I will never forget all of you, CIKGU.

selamat hari Pekerja
tak lama lagi,
ada sambutan lagi,
untuk guru-guru
seantero negaraku :-)

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