Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i dunno y~

"i ve scattered my heart, i ve punished my mind and i let myself being fooled by fools..."

17 - 19 oct 2008 - xpdc gunung dato', negri9..
**celebrating my burfday while climbing dat mountain...

20 oct - sleeping day (day to regenerate and reenergise self)

21 - 24 oct - finishin up my e-portfolio + sociolinguistics' research

25 - 27 oct - playing games, revising literary texts 4 exm..

28 oct - lost my hp and wallet together wif my IC, m3x card, driving licsense,small amount of money, etc..

29 oct - spending da damn whole day going to JPN, bank islam, bsn, maxis centre...

**unable to update dis properly...
**wish me luck 4 finale (got 3 papers dis sem)

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