Tuesday, March 07, 2006

words for (your) father

though we're not close
like a father and a son,
though i only met you twice
still i can recognize you.
you are strong
and of course, not weak.
you can beat your tiredness
you can beat your weaknesses.
but, today
you're fighting with something
that even I can't give my hands
to wake you up.

you impress me with your strength
you boost up my confidence
with your strength
you motivate me with your strength
you make me realize the importance
of being myself
also with your strength

i'm only a son of someone else
but spending my little time with you
i feel like you are the someone else.
i don't know what makes me feel like that
but perhaps,
a love of me
lessen a pain of you

~::dedicated to a father whom I admire his strength and determination...

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